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‘She lost eyesight’: handicap father of Shopian acid attack survivor recalls horror and consequent struggle

Shamim Ahmad Kumar, the father of a 17-year-old girl who was attacked with acid in October last in Shopian is struggling hard to treat her daughter.

In October 2021, the teenager from Kral-Check village of Keller hamlet in the south Kashmir district was attacked by local youth with acid in her locality after which he was arrested and put behind bars but the girl is battling to regain her shape.

Kumar said that he has already spent around 15 lakh rupees for the treatment of her daughter but now he has no money to bear the expenses of medicine besides surgery.

“I am handicapped and working at a government school in my native village where I have been getting Rs 400 per month salary since 1995. How is it possible for me to bear the expenses of surgeries,” he said.

“After the incident, we had circulated a public appeal for donations and somehow we managed to treat her but now we are short of money,” Kumar said.

Apart from the daughter, Kumar has a minor son.

“My daughter has already gone through five surgeries at a private hospital. She needs to go through at least three more surgeries costing around Rs 20 lakh,” he said.

He said that the wounds of her daughter are healing but as per doctors it will take around a year more and three more surgeries for satisfactory recovery.

“My daughter hasn’t lost eyesight but tears are continuously coming out of her eyes due to the acid effect. My daughter is in Srinagar as I am unable to take her home as we don’t have any house,” he said.

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