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Friday, December 9, 2022

Narendra Modi, Imran Khan two sides of same coin: Pakistan-administered Kashmir PM rules out US mediation

Calling Indian and Pakistani Prime Minister two sides of the same coin, Raja Farooq Haider, the Prime Minister of Pakistan administered Kashmir has said that it would be foolish for Islamabad to seek US intervention on the Kashmir issue with India.

Haider has been demanding the Pakistan government to not seek the US’ arbitration in the Kashmir dispute, as that would undermine the demands of the Kashmiri people.

Haider said Pakistan’s efforts and repeated demands to the US administration to act as an arbitrator in the Kashmir issue, will be against the true essence of the Kashmir cause, insisting that the dispute’s resolution remains in the hands of the people of Kashmir, who deserve the right to self-determination and hold the authority to decide their fate.

“The government of Pakistan cannot take matters like this after India’s usurpation of Kashmir on August 5,” he said.

Haider alleged that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan are no different, calling them the two sides of the same coin.

“If they want to forget the past, forget it. But we will not forget,” he said while questioning the authority of the Pakistani Prime Minister to change the map of Kashmir.

“Who gave Prime Minister Imran Khan the power to change the map of Kashmir?” he asked.

Haider lashed out at Khan for also carrying out “naked aggression to win the election in Azad Kashmir”.

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