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Sunday, September 25, 2022

LoC ceasefire benefitting Kashmiris on both sides of divide: Indian Army commander

The year-old ceasefire along the Line of Control in Kashmir is holding and the Indian Army would like it to continue for the benefit of the common people on both sides of the divide but was remaining vigilant as the “‘enemy is very very devious”, a top army commander said on Tuesday.

General Officer Commanding (GoC) of the Army’s 15 Corps or the Chinar Corps,  Lt Gen D P Pandey said while Pakistan is holding onto the “compulsions” for which it went for the reiteration of the ceasefire agreement in February last year, “we have to see” what its “aim and intent is in the times to come”.

He also cautioned against the people who are enjoying a good life abroad but are radicalizing the youths in the country and spoiling their future.

“We are dealing with an enemy which looks after itself first. So, there were compulsions for which they went for this thing (ceasefire). They are holding on to those compulsions. I look at it for the people of Kashmir on our side and the other side, both have benefited,” Lt Gen Pandey said.

He said the Army “will like the ceasefire to continue” only for the benefit of the people of Kashmir so that there is free movement for trade, farming, business, and schooling.

“So that they (people of Kashmir on both sides) can live a life of a common citizen while the peace remains. That is the major benefit which has gone to them,” he said.

The GoC said while the ceasefire was holding, the Army was very carefully on the watch “because the enemy is very very devious”.

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