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Monday, December 5, 2022

Kashmir woman honeytrapped, blackmailed men; held along with her husband

A woman from Uri region of Indian-administered Kashmir was arrested along with her husband with local police saying they were blackmailing men after the woman honeytrapped them.

The police said the couple, whose identities were not given, used to get contact numbers of men from public places like banks and shops. The woman, police said would call on these numbers to lure and honeytrap men by recording their conversations with her. She would allegedly use the audio recordings to threaten the victims with implication in sexual harassment and rape cases. 

Her husband would then extract money from the victims, police officials said.

According to police, few mobile phones and signed bank cheques were siezed from the accused persons.

“One such case came to light on January 29, when a blacksmith of Lagama village approached police,” they said.

The blacksmith told the police that he was trapped by the accused woman and was asked to pay Rs 40,000, failing which he would be framed in a sexual harassment case.

The police said the couple has duped many men in the area, but they failed to report out of shame or threat.

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