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Thursday, August 18, 2022

Kashmir bans poultry from India

After sounding an alert over bird flu across Indian-administered Kashmir, New Delhi appointed authorities on Thursday banned the import of polutry products from outside the disputed state. 

As neighbouring Himachal Pradesh and other Indian states continue to report cases of bird flu, the administration banned the import of poultry till 14 January.

A  government order, released in Jammu, read: “In the wake of the spread of bird flu in neighbouring states of J&K as a measure of abundant precaution and in view of the declaration of whole J&K as ‘Controlled Area’ for bird flu disease a  complete ban on import of live birds including poultry and unprocessed poultry meet for any purpose into the Kashmir with immediate effect, till 14-01- 2021.”

“The decision will be reviewed based on the evolving situation,” the order read. 

An alert was sounded in the region and samples of birds were collected to check whether flu has penetrated the Himalayan region on Wednesday.

Besides sounding alert, monitoring committees lead by district chief animal husbandry officers have been constituted to keep a vigil.

Moreover, doctors have also cautioned people not to eat raw poultry and eggs, however, ‘cooked poultry is safe to use’.

They also advised that people associated with slaughtering, de-feathering and eviscerating of birds must take precaution to avoid any contraction of the virus.

Meanwhile, officials said that there are no reports of an outbreak of Avian influenza in the valley till now.

“Rapid response teams as per GoI guidelines are being established besides that advisory to the common public and farmers are also being issued,” they said.

Meanwhile, several birds, mostly crows, have died under mysterious conditions in Panj Peer area of Rajouri town over the past few days.

Panj Peer locals said: “Earlier two to three birds were found dead but now large number of birds have been found dead and we are scared as there are reports of bird flu in India.”

Officials in Jammu said they will constitute teams to collect samples from these birds who have died mysteriously.

Deputy Commissioner for Rajouri, Mohammad Nazir Sheikh said that necessary examination of the these birds will be conducted.

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