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Kashmir administration to identify ‘ineffective’ government employees

The Jammu and Kashmir administration has asked administrative secretaries to initiate a process to identify employees who are “ineffective in work or not fit to continue” after the completion of 22 years of service or have attained 48 years of age.

Last October, the J&K administration had amended Article 226 (2) of the Jammu and Kashmir Civil Service Regulations for a provision to retire at any time any government servant after he has completed 22 years of service or attained 48 years of age.

The appropriate authority has to give either three months prior notice or three months of allowance to retire any employee, according to a notification issued by the then Financial Commissioner.

Setting the time schedule to be followed, the notification states that “the exercise of review of the performance of the Government Servants will be initiated for each Government Servant for the first time after her/his completion of 22 years of Government Service or attaining 48 years of age and any time subsequently, as may be required.”

On July 15, a fresh circular was issued by the incumbent Chief Secretary Arun Kumar Mehta, stating: “It has been observed that the departments have not initiated any exercise for reviewing the performance of Government servants.”

“It impressed upon all the Administrative Secretaries to initiate the process/ exercise of reviewing the performance of Government Servant who has completed 48 years of age/ 22 years of service for identifying such Government Servants who are ineffective in work and are not fit to continue in the post held and have no utility for the purpose for which they are employed,” reads the circular.

“The departments shall follow the procedure as laid down in Article 226(2) of Jammu & Kashmir Civil Service Regulations Volume I and place the cases of such identified employees before the review Committee for Consideration of Competent Authority,” the circular, issued on July 15, adds.

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