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Tuesday, December 6, 2022

‘Don’t give religious colour, we haven’t and we won’t touch innocent’: TRF says 2 teachers harassed students, parents for August 15 participation

Amid a spate of killings of unarmed people in Kashmir since last week – two of them on Thursday, militant group The Resistance Front said that “no innocent is or will be touched or harassed”.

In a statement pushed on the social media, the resistance group, formed after the abrogation of Article 370 said: “…whosoever sides with the occupier and becomes their pawn in implementing nefarious designs of the occupier won’t be spared.”

A woman principal and a teacher were shot dead at a point-blank range inside a government school in the heart of the city on Thursday, taking to seven the number of civilians killed by militants in Kashmir Valley in five days.

“These teachers had on August 15 harassed and warned the parents with dire consequences if any student didn’t attend the occupier regimes function at their school,” the TRF said in the statement.

Supinder Kaur, the principal of the Government Boys Higher Secondary School in Eidgah in downtown Srinagar, and Deepak Chand, were gunned down around 11.15 am just when the school had settled down to another day of online classes. There were no students in school.

Supinder Kaur, a Srinagar-based Sikh, and Chand, a Hindu from Jammu, were killed two days after The Resistance Force, claimed responsibility for the deaths of three people on Tuesday.

For decades, Indian commemorations have elicited a stony silence and indifference from the vast majority of Kashmiris. But this year, the New Delhi-run administration had sent notices to schools, asking them to ensure participation in the events.

“Despite our warning posters and request that don’t politicize the education system and don’t drag education sector or any other public dealings sector into occupiers filthy agenda. And it is to warn also those elements who try to give this a religious angle. There is no such thing in it and we once again want to make it clear that no innocent is or will be touched or harassed. We target only occupier mercenary forces and occupier stooges, collaborators, and traitors,” the Resistance Front said.

Once again, we want to make it crystal clear that outsider domicile holders, stooges, and collaborators whosoever religion he or she follows is the enemy of the Kashmir struggle and won’t be spared. Besides, we want to convey our message to all irrespective of any religion whosoever is in or residing in JK should not become a pawn of occupiers’ diktats nor should they implement occupiers’ filthy orders,” the statement said.

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