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Day after blasts at Air Force Station Jammu, two drones spotted over Kaluchak military area

Two drones were spotted at Kaluchak military station in Jammu on the intervening night of June 27-28, forcing the military agencies to sound a high alert in the entire region.

Reports say that an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle was seen flying inside the Army base at 11:45 pm and another at 2:40 am. “The UAVs were spotted on a stretch of the Kaluchak-Purmandal road on the Jammu-Pathankot national highway,” they said.

Jammu-based Army spokesman Lt Col Devender Anand said that alert soldiers fired at the drones to destroy them but both the drones flew away. “On midnight of 27-28 June, two separate drone activities were spotted over Ratnuchak- Kaluchak military area by alert troops,” Col Anand said.

“The first drone was spotted at around 11.45 am on June 27 and the second drone was noticed in the vicinity at around 2.40 am.”

Colonel Anand said that immediately, a high alert was sounded and Quick Reaction Teams engaged the drones by firing at them after which they disappeared.

Police sources said that a major threat was thwarted by the “alertness and proactive approach of troops”

“The army personnel fired around 20-25 rounds at the drones before they flew under the cover of darkness,” sources added. A large-scale search is underway inside the Kaluchak military station to locate the two drones. “A high alert has been sounded in the Jammu region, particularly at Army installations.”

The incident comes a day after the reported drone strike on the Air Force Station Jammu. In a first of its kind attack, drones were reportedly used to drop explosives into the high-security technical area of the Jammu airport.

Pertinently, two blasts took place in the early hours of Sunday at Air Force Station Jammu—one causing a hole in the roof of a building, while the second one hitting the ground in an open space. The Jammu and Kashmir Police and the National Investigation Agency (NIA) are probing the incident.

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