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Thursday, December 8, 2022

Covid-19 surge: passenger entry at Srinagar airport restricted

Passengers will be allowed entry to Srinagar Airport only three hours before their flight departure as part of the measures to curb the spread of COVID-19 infection, officials said on Thursday.

The regulation of the entry of passengers comes in view of some of the passengers entering the airport seven to eight hours before the flight departure time which leads to an increase in the crowd at the aerodrome.

“Passengers are requested to please come to the airport only up to three hours before flight departure time,” Director, Airport Authority of India (AAI), Srinagar airport, Kuldeep Singh said here.

He said the entry to the airport shall be given only up to three hours before the flight from Thursday.

“The time of entry to the airport is a maximum of three hours before flight departure. This is necessary to control the congestion at the airport because we want to reduce the chance of infection,” he said.

Singh asked the passengers to cooperate with the security staff in maintaining the access control at the airport.

The director said some passengers were entering the airport seven to eight hours before the time of their flight which increases the crowd at the airport and also increases the risk of infection.

“Covid disease is spreading very fast. The infection is more in crowded areas. All our passengers are requested to please maintain social distance at the airport and also wear masks at all times. We follow the rule of ‘No Mask No Entry’. There is a fine of Rs 500 if any passengers remove their mask,” he said.

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