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Conduct on-spot Covid tests of non-local beggars, labourers entering Kashmir: Grand Mufti

Kashmir’s Grand Mufti Nasir-ul-Islam expressed serious concern over the reports that a large number of non-local beggars and labourers are entering the region without undergoing Covid-19 tests as he urged the J&K administration to order a probe.

He said that if the reports about non-local labourers and beggars entering Kashmir without undergoing mandatory Covid-19 screening are true, the move will further aggravate the pandemic situation in the Valley.

“I have come across many reports that many non-local labourers and beggars have managed their entry into Kashmir without undergoing Covid-19 screening. If this is true, it will be a disaster for Kashmir. I urge the government to look into the reports and if it is found true, take appropriate measures to address the issue on war-footing,” Grand Mufti said, adding that “government especially the District Administration Srinagar must start mass Covid-19 testing of non-local beggars and labourers wherever they are found.”

The Grand Mufti also clarified that people must wear face masks while offering prayers in masjids. “Safety measures like wearing face masks are allowed in Islam and there is no prohibition for the same. This is for our safety and this is what Islam is all about,” he said, adding that wearing masks in masjids won’t affect prayers in any way.

Go for Covid vaccination: Mufti Nazir

Renowned Islamic scholar and jurist Mufti Nazir Ahmad Qasmi on Monday said that the vaccination against Covid- 19 pandemic is compulsory for all the people of Kashmir.
The renowned Islamic scholar said that it is important during this ongoing Covid-19 pandemic crisis that every Muslim in Kashmir has to be vaccinated and everyone must come forward for it and should not pay heed to the rumour.

“People should not be afraid of it as it is halal for Muslims and I urge all the people of Kashmir that it is very important for us to be careful in order to prevent further spread of the virus,” he said.

“Taking a vaccine jab won’t break the fast and instead help prevent the spread of the virus.”

He said that “We should not be afraid of this covid-19 disease, nor should we suffer or panic from it. We simply have to be much more careful and we should not come in contact with this disease,” he added.
He said that though the people of old ages and people who are suffering from any type of disease should offer prayers at their homes as any sort of miss appropriation or miss management will lead to the closure of players in mosques as seen earlier.

He also said that people who believe that everything lies in the hands of God and do not follow any safety measure are not on the right path.

“People should obey strictly every direction and advise advised by the administration and medical professionals time by time,” he said.

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