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Bukhari blames Modi govt: Kashmir youth picking up guns, those in Jammu resorting to drugs

The frustrated youth in Kashmir are joining the ranks of militants and getting killed within days while those in Jammu are ruining their lives due to drug addiction, Apni Party president Altaf Bukhari said and added the Narendra Modi government’s mishandling of the affairs of the union territory was leading to such a situation.

The former minister, whose party has been dubbed as B-team of the BJP, said his Apni Party will continue to raise the issues of public importance with the New Delhi government.

“The drug menace is growing and our youth are getting addicted. They were not using drugs in the past but why are they resorting to the use of drugs now. When the educated youth are not able to find jobs, they take drugs under frustration and it has spread to girls as well which is an issue of grave concern and debate,” Bukhari told reporters in Kathua on the sidelines of a public rally.

He said the youth in Jammu do not get a gun and are ruining their lives by taking drugs, while in the valley the frustrated youth are joining militancy and getting killed in encounters with security forces.

“They are joining militant ranks in the night and getting killed two days later. Are they really militants? I call them brainless youth,” he said.

Bukhari said all the issues facing Jammu and Kashmir were the result of mishandling of its affairs by the government which has to address these issues to provide relief to the people.

“If I will not go to the prime minister with the issues of my people, then whom should I go to…the overall situation has worsened in J&K,” he said.

He said Modi is not the prime minister of one community and “that is why we are meeting him and also lodging our complaints. We will continue to do so because we believe he is the prime minister of all the people of the country and so is Home Minister Amit Shah.” “We have to believe their words till they prove otherwise,” he said.

On the situation in Jammu and Kashmir, he said everybody is upset as the unemployment rate has touched an all-time high of 22 percent, and every day the youth are on the streets to seek jobs while daily wagers are waiting for their regularisation and pending wages.

Responding to a question about allegations that the BJP is creating new political parties in Jammu and Kashmir to achieve its goal of forming the next government, he said these are just rumors.

“They are not forming any parties…they are in the central government does not mean we are because of them. Let there be hundreds of parties but at the end of the day, it is the people who will decide the fate of such parties,” he said.

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