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Tuesday, September 27, 2022

‘100 Kashmir youth who vised Pak on visa, missing’: report says some may have joined militant groups

A newswire report on Monday claimed that the Indian security establishment has found that around 100 Kashmiri youth who travelled to Pakistan on a visa in the last three years are missing. 

The news agency IANS quoted an unnamed Indian Police Service official saying: “They have either never returned or have returned but are missing.”

The officer said the missing youth could be part of ‘sleeper cells’ of pro-freedom militant organisations.

“Either these youth are being brainwashed and thereafter being trained or are allured to carry out anti-India propaganda. It is a big challenge before us to bring such youth back in the fold,” the officer, who is part of the counter-insurgency team in Kashmir, told the news wire.

The officer further claimed that the youth, who were trained, try to enter India through Line of Control and the youth who had been a bit reluctant and visited for short durations turn out to be members of ‘sleeper cell’. “Many youth who have returned from Pakistan are kept under surveillance and after a long time, if they don’t indulge in any suspicious activities, the establishment stops it.”

“We cannot stop youth from Kashmir from visiting Pakistan. We can only regulate and put more surveillance team on the ground. This is a reality,” the officer explained.

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